Environmental Statement

Fabrik recognises that in pursuing its service excellence it has a responsibility to, and should take the opportunity to protect and nurture, the environment. By exercising proper control over its activities, Fabrik will promote the use of sustainable resources and discourage wasteful or damaging practices.

This environmental statement and policy sets out Fabrik aims and objectives for safeguarding the environment.

Environmental Policy

This policy applies to all premises and activities within the control of Fabrik.

Fabrik is committed to the conservation and improvement of the environment and to minimizing the environmental impacts of the risks arising from its activities.

Fabrik will manage its operations in ways that are environmentally sustainable and economically feasible, and provide appropriate environmental education programmes for its staff, if required.

In order to achieve this, Fabrik has the following key objectives:

The main responsibility for implementation of this policy lies with the Operations Director.

Whilst Fabrik accepts the main responsibility for the implementation of this policy, individuals have a very important role in co-operating with those responsible for safeguarding the environment. Individuals are required to abide by rules and requirements made under the authority of this policy.

Fabrik Environmental Policy v2.0